MSI DR8 A2 will recognise some discs but not others


Recently Ive had to do a complete rebuild of my system due to a faulty CPU. From the old old system I managed to salvege all the parts, minus the cpu and motherboard.
Since the rebuild Ive been having problems with both my MSI rewriter and my unbranded DVD reader. The unbranded reader fails to read any discs at all, and will likely end up in the bin after Christmas. But the rewriter is “half” working.
It seems it will only read “official” discs, anything commercially produced. But any of the discs I had previously written to (CD and DVD) - which contain one hell of a lot of data I backed up- generally cause me greif.
When I insert a disc into the drive this light will come on and it will spin up to speed. When I open My Computer to open the disc, the drive will either:
a) report the name of the previous disc in the driver or
b) not report the name at all.
When I try to open the disc the system will then either hang, or I get a message telling me to insert a disc.
The drive is currently set to Secondary Master (and is the only drive on the secondary IDE now), there are no bent pins and what-not. I installed the latest firmware on the drive on my previous system, so thats not it either. If its needed, my Motherboard is an MSI K7N2 Delta 2 (nForce2 chipset, latest drivers). I have an AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (~2ghz), and 1 gb of ram.

I have also checked the DMA settings for the drive, they were set to “Let Bios Select Transfer Mode”, but I have changed this to “Ultra DMA 2 - Ultra33”. (other options there include Ultra DMA 1, Ultra DMA 0, Multi-Word DMA 2/1/0 and PI0 Mode)

All help much appreciated :smiley:

I have read the sticky thread and followed the advice there - IMAPI is disabled and I cant find anything to do with ATIP or whatever it was, unless there is any hidden in Nero 6