Msi dr8-a

i’m looking for a writer and i’ve read a few good reviews about this one. What do u think about it?

Forget about the MSI and read the reviews on this site about the LiteOn 411 & 811 as well as the NEC 2500A.

You’ll soon find out that the NEC is the reigning king of writing quality but has a weakness in DVD-reading (damaged DVD’s). The 411 and the 811 are good all-rounders in my opinion.

My personal recommendation would be the NEC2500A without the slightest hesitation.

Btw. Before posting questions like these on this forum, you should consider hitting the search button first. It’s on the top left of your screen and can do amazing little things for you…:smiley:

MSI DR8 looks promising, I couldnt find many reviews on it

Ill link a few


some other site

Right now the main reason im getting ( or trying to) get that drive is because of the HD Burn.I believe i read that HD burn is only available on CDR but they are planning on releasing a firmware upgrade to make it compatable with CDRW.

thats just my opinion…