MSi DR8-A New 140D Firmware

I informed yesterday to the firmware department of this new version, but nothing has been posted online yet.

I have actually tried it now and must say that it is cool to actually have a 8x -R drive.So now the drive can burn DvDs both +R and -R at 8x.

What the drive really lacked before was the CDr/RW support which was crap to be polite. Now I could burn a few CDs at 40, the drive’s maximum speed. The three of them were Imation 48x CDrs manufactured by CMC MAgnetics.

Also I could burn a DVD-RW that before could even recognize it.

Overall a great update, but most of all, a really needed one.

I would like to know if any body has had any luck recording at 8x with -R DvDs. I couldn’t try yesterday.


PS:sorry if the post is in the incorrect part of the forum, but this is the firmware forum, and wanted to let everybody else know that it is actually available.

I just upgraded my faboulus DR8-A from 1.30D to 1.40D. I must say my drive was going great with 1.30D but i wanted to get better CD support. And so i did, i got perfect support mostly for all my CDs. I could actually burn them at 40 with no problem whatsoever.

But then, all the DvD-Rs that i had burnt before, cannot actually be read by the drive anymore.The +Rs are still read ok and perfect, but no with the -R. What before used to be a no problem situation, now has become in a pain in the ass.

I even tried in another computer, with an old Pioneer DvDrom drive, and it read the -Rs perfectly and with no problems.

So i wonder, if they did something strange in this firmware update. I must, repeat, i have no problems using +R and i burnt 8x always no problem, but while before i could use -R, i can’t now.

If somebody could actually help me on this i’d appreciatte it, even though I fear is more a firmware problem and i’ll need another firmware upgrade to fix it, and if we follow the length of time taken before for firmware releases, i think it’ll take me another 3 months waiting.

If anybody else have any other problems, please post them here.