MSI DR8-a Failed Flash. Re-Flashing is not working

Ok. Here is the story so far and I hope someone will be able to shed some light.

MSI DR8-a set to Secondary Master.

Using winflash from MSI, tried flashing the MSI DR8-a drive using the RPC1 150D bin file supplied by the Dangerous Brothers. 99% through the update, Windows locks up. Only way to get computer working again was to Reset switch the damn thing.

DVD did not show up in BIOS and would not boot into Windows, the only way to get back into Windows was to disconnect the drive. After browsing alot of forum posts and trying a few different things using dvflash (which wouldn’t recognise the drive), I was able to flash the drive in dos using the LC897490 ATA flashing utility with the 120e.bin firmware for the OPTORITE 0401 drive which I believe is the MSI DR8-a. The command line used for the flash was as follows.
tfp7490 program SM /A=0 /L=100000 /F=120E.BIN /V /O /E=500 /P=50

This enable the drive to be detected in the BIOS as an 8MAX. I then tried using the LC897490 ATA flashing utility with the 130d, 140d and 150d firmware but all attempts have failed. A failed flash using this utility meant the drive was no longer detected and required a reflash back to the 120e firmware.

I can boot into windows using the 120e.bin firmware from Optorite and I can even burn a DVD although I have tried cd’s and cdrw and it won’t detect the media properly and won’t write. The only media i seem to be able to burn on is Shintaro and it burns without any problems.

The next thing was to flash it to the MSI firmware. I have tried using the winflash, and using the dvflash using the 130d, 140d, and 150d firmware and all have failed to flash the bios. The winflash crashes windows, and the dvflash count up to 287 seconds then stop counting and eventually it times out and fails to flash.

I had also read on a forum post to try using the dvflash and set the jumpers on the back which is for factory use only, to the second right pin and to flash it then. This however has not worked. I am currenly working my way through all the pins to hopefully find one that does work.

If anyone has any more idea’s on where to go on this it would be greatly appreciated.