MSI DR4-A dual burner

I’ve seen this on sale in the UK for £100 and the specs look good. Has anyone tried one?:rolleyes:

i brought a msi dr4-a installed it but having a lot of hassle with it.

burn’s dvd great without a prob but can only play the dvd on the pc, they will not play on stand alone player no matter what i have tried them on different players that play backup dvd but will not play them when burnt with msi dr4-a.

I ended up getting a Lite-on LDW 411S and there seems to be a few problems with this too. I’ve upgraded the firmware twice since buying it - I bought it 3 weeks ago! The new firmware seems to do the job , although I have found that cheap media like Bulkpaq and Mirror seem to be a waste of time. Arita + and - discs are very good - no coasters yet and compatible with lots of different stand alone players. I pay about 90p each for them in the UK

I am now using this writer with dvdxcopy and all is fine. I had problems at first after writing a disk I found that my system would not recognise it and when played on my stanalone DVD Player the picture was pixelated. I finally tracked this back to the DVD-ROM I was using to read the original and burn on the fly.
I was using a liteon and although I would normally swear by their equipment in this case it appeared incompatible with the MSI. I changed the liteon for a BTC and everything now works perfectly. This drive will also burn 99 minute CD-R without problems.
Hope this helps:)

just an update for msi dr4-a dual burner.

updated the new firmware which u can now get from msi.
everything working great now couldn’t be happier great drive just sorry msi couldn’t work a bit faster at getting update’s out.

i got my firmware from a sony drive which is just the same as the msi model.

a great drive…now.

thanks everyone…rob.