MSI DR4-A , any reviews? Any good?


Has anyone had any experience with this drive? I noticed it had a 8mb buffer. I was not able to find any reviews in english about this drive. Right now I’m debating over this drive, the Plextor 708 and the pioneer a06. I plan to try to back up movies, data and original content videos, let me know, thanks!

AFAIK its MSI’s version of the Optorite DD0203 which is the same as the I/O Magic IDVDRW4D which all are based on the Sanyo CRD-BPDV2, I’m sure there are other branded versions of this drive I just don’t know what they are.

The most well known of this type is the Optorite DD0203.


i brought 1, it burn’s dvd’s without a prob but i can only play them on pc. they will not play on stand alone players.

i have tried them on many differnt players but will not play will only play on pc.