MSI DR16-B3 [1640 clone]

Spotted on CDR Labs that another 1640 re-badge has turned up, this time from MSI the DR16-B3.

DVD+R9 / DVD-R9: 8x4x
DVD+R / DVD+RW: 16x8x
DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD-ROM: 16x6x16x
CD-R / CD-RW / CD-ROM: 48x32x48x

Hi :slight_smile:
Starting to be a bit it’s all over now in the which DVDRW to buy. Instead it’s going to be in which guise do I want my 1640 to be.
Does my 1640 look big in this?

Fancy button!! I still like the Philips clone with all the fancy flashing lights on the front. I think they were even in three colors.

Buth with the 1640 clone from Philips all the fancy lights are gone!

Yep, unfortunately the lights are gone… That’s why I had to do some silver finishing - now it fits much better with the Shuttle XPC. There is just this strange alien drive sitting on top :wink:

well, i didn’t find any Benqs locally, couldn’t even import it!!! only dound 1625!!! and i RMAed my LG 1643, so, i’m getting this MSI tomorrow :)… just hope it has the exact same featuyres as the 1640 with error scanning and everything… and hope it can be reflashed to a 1640…

well,i baught this drive according to this post,and benq 1640 cdfreaks review
but the drive doesn’t contain any utilities an no evidince that it’s solidburn feature,or i could overspeed writing
an no utility with it

so anybody knows if i can i use benq firmware an qsuite with it?

You have to crossflash the drive to the BenQ retail firmware, the firmware that ships on it is most likely the OEM version without those extra features.

See the FAQ on how to crossflash or use Quikees BQFlasher utility to do the crossflash.