Msi Dr 16f?



It seems to be not a Benq, because MSI uses the letter of the real manufacturer like A=Accesstek, B=Benq

Found this:

Anyone have more info about that drive?

Optorite´s site is not up to date, the headline is “New 12x drives”



To all appearance it is Foxconn/BTC, therefore it has -F index.


Thanks for the answer.

Seems to be really a Foxconn:


If it’s an OEM Foxconn then Foxconn has obviously scraped the Mediatek chipsets BTC used as the DR16-F supports BURN-Proofâ„¢. But that’s maybe not too surprising


Hmmm I hope they’ve scrapped Mediatek.
Maybe we’ll get a good BTC drive then… :bigsmile:



I thought Burn Proof = Sanyo?


You are correct. :wink:


Just tested the drive.
not that good.


Just like the older BTC…


This burn consider good or bad ?
Using Ricohjpn R02 8x +R


Using TY 8x +R.




The burns are not bad, but not good enough for these high quality discs.