MSI-DR 16 (MS8416) Firmware on Benq 1620?



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I’m considering to get a new DVD-Writer. I read in a magazine about the DR16 -B, which is said to be based on the Benq 1620. Did anyone ever try to Flash the DR-16 Firmware to the Benq 1620 or vice versa?
The MSI-Firmware did much better with many different types of media than the Benq did… so i think about buying a Benq and making it a MSI.

So any1 can help?



P.S: Heres the link to the MSI-Writer:


This is very interesting. Do you have a link to the article/review so I can see what media types the MSI did better with? Thanks. :slight_smile:


no i cant give you any link (its a real magazine made of paper ;-)).
They tested Benq 1620 with FW B7P9 versus DR16-B with FW M.14.
They were both crap with 12x Burning a MXL RG03, MSI did better than Benq with TYG02, RicohJPN R02, and it managed even to burn a Yuden000 T02 at 16x with a good result. The DL-Burn by the MSI was better on a MKM 001 (2,4x - Benq ruined it at 4x). They both did not finish the RicohJPN D00 DL (error after the first layer). Finally the Ritek R04 and the MCC 004 were burnt better or at least equal by the MSI compared to the Benq. The only burn that was worse on the MSI than on the Benq was a Philips C16 (both were bad though).

So, what about my question? Do you guys think its possible to “transform” a Benq into a MSI?



I wouldn’t take the risk. Just buy quality media if you can and you should be a happy guy. The Benq 1620 is one of the best dvd burners on + media so why looking for troubles?

Take a look at the media thread here and decide whats best for you.


Is it that much risk? Its only flashing, isnt it?
Or do i have to wait for a cracked Firmware in order to get the FW on the Benq?



It’s only flashing it… :eek: :eek: :eek: please do some reading in different threads to update your knowledge about flashing a dvd/cd drive.
By flashing your drive with a firmware that is not ment for your drive you void warranty, and you can kill your drive. Unless you want to spent your money on buying new drives…go ahead. Serious…don’t get yourself into troubles by doing stupid things.

Probably you need a hacked firmware to do this if you want to.


Yeah, flashing isn’t a play toy for children. It can do exactly what cor808 said. Proceed with great caution. :iagree:


Well I thought there must be a check by the firmware if the size of the new firmware is correct. If not - no flashing. If somebody did this procedure before… ill do it also… if not… no benq for me but a msi.


With the live update feature i’d almost say it a BTC. But the firmware doesn’t match either. Go buy the MSI.


I know its a Benq based drive…I wonder who updates the firmware more often… Benq, Philips or MSI… Any1 had a MSI-drive before?


Read this and you might wanna change your mind about the MSI on the Benq topic:

MSI’s the best burner according to that test. And its based on the Benq. So… any1 interested in cracking the MSI-firmware?


but seems he MIA…no reply after masotime tabulated it…


Not me. Not according to that test. Look at this post in that thread:

There are only ten media types tested. The tested burn speeds were NOT kept consistent throughout the test per each burner tested. The BenQ DW1620 was at firmware B7P9 which is now older than B7T9. Persons here in this forum have shown that certain BenQ DW1620 firmware verions seem to work better with certain types of media than other versions. Also, writing speeds and making quality burns are both affected by which firmware version one is using. We don’t know how many burns were done with each media type in that test and how many burns were done for each listed speed? In other words, did the test do enough burns to rule out the possibility of bad batches. Were all media types (burned on all of the listed drives) from the exact same spindle?

That test doesn’t mean anything right now. It was one test and wasn’t even properly done (i.e. - consistency was lacking throughout it). I am not convinced about anything yet regarding the MSI drive. I want several persons who own a 16x MSI DVD burner posting error scans, transfer rate tests, surface scans, copying their burned movies back to their hard disks tests, etc. I also want users reporting being to play their burned DVDs (from their 16x MSI drives) back in many different home DVD players. Much more in-depth and proper testing needs to be done from many users before I believe anything about an MSI drive.

I’m not saying that my mind is closed. But, I need proper evidence and lots of it before I will say that some MSI burner beats a BenQ DW1620. The test you point to is flawed for several reasons and greatly seems to have been done in an inconsistent manner. It’ll take a lot more proof than that to change my mind; and also many other DW1620 owner’s minds.


Well I agree with you that theres more than testing just a few media.
But I must say I trust these results more than your homemade quality checks (according to the firmwares tested).
They all send the burned dvds to a specialized company (situated in Sweden i think) where they are tested more exactly than anyone of you can do it at home (except you gots lots and lots of money and own a dvd testing lab).
The reason they tested it at different speeds is simple: they burned at the maximum speed the firmware would let them. The MSI was much better in balancing what speed will create the best quality burn (which sometimes means to burn slower than its written on the DVD).
Of course that all changes as soon as theres a new firmware out there. I would like to know how many new updates there are between now and the tested firmwares.
MSI was tested 1.4 and is now 1.60. Benq was tested at B7P9 … the actual firmware is B7T9?

I know that stating that the Benq firmware might have some flaws is not welcome here but anyway can anyone help me with this topic how to update the Benq to a MSI?

At the moment all I can get is a Philips DV1640G… that one is possible to be made to a Benq 1620, isnt it? (As you can see i’m not anti-Benq… i just want the best firmware for my burner based on the Benq)


EDIT: I just saw on, that there are different firmwares for the OEM and the retail Benq-drives. Does that mean I MUST buy a retail version of the Benq in order to get better support (more frequent updates)? Can anyone explain the technical differences between the retail and the bulk version to me?



But I’ll not take part in any burn_quality_testing_procedure discussion. :wink:


For me, the only real test is whether or not a burned disc plays back without errors in a home DVD player. The more home DVD players a given burned disc can play back in without errors, the more I trust that media and burner combination. I don’t give a rat’s ass about all the technical testing equipment in the world. Every major manufacturer of optical drives and also of optical media has similar testing equipment. Guess what? These optical drive/media manufacturers still manage to produce sub-par media and defective drives. In other words, quality control is never perfect.

All the numbers in the world can be crunched using whatever testing methods one has available; even the most expensive. But, the only real test that matters is if your media plays back fine in several DVD home players. That’s a test that you, I, and everyone out here can do with our burners and home DVD players. We don’t need really expensive state of the art testing equipment. Even such equipment is not totally free from flaws and doesn’t always catch every error. The article’s results were interesting, but taken with a grain of salt by me. I trust real world users who are using a product every day in many different environments who report excellent function and compatibility. How does that state of the art testing equipment measure such? Simply put, it can’t.


Can you tell us how you did it? The exe refuses to flash Benq and Philips drives.


Yeah, pinto2 what’s the little secret? How did you do it? :smiley:


I hate to disappoint you all, but the MSI-DR16-B2 ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16M1.6 firmware differs in only 40 byte from G7P9 and in 100 byte from B7P9. A different name, that is all.


Thanks ala42. :slight_smile:

And most of the credit goes to member jetstudio posting good information about this two months back.

Anyone still wanna try this out, use your fantasy and modify link posted in thread I’m linking too. :wink:
Note, you will have to use WinDWFlash.

BTW ala42, can you see any write strategy revisions or “release” dates in BenQ firmwares?