Msi Cr40-a2 (ms-8340s) Info!

well well well. i could not find info about this CDRW that i have purchased recently. it was only 20$, it was a promo, so i didnt doubt about purchasing it. its 401248.
maybe this is goonna be the official thread for this cdrw, beacuse i serached alot of forums and could not find ANY info aboout this cdrw, so i would like everyone here in this forum to help me, and other users who have this CDRW.
i would like to know, for example, if it is able to copy SafeDisc2(efm encoding, how many sheeps!;), and other copy protections, and general info, i dont know, anything!.
it seems that many burners like the verbatim xxxx is a msi, or cinedyne xxxx also. so whats the matter? its msi hardware or Litoen, for example?
please help, please.

well i found some info, but i cannot guarantee if its correct, the ideal thing is SOMEONE to make a reply

it seems the drive has accesteck hardware.

it would be great if someone helps me!

Try MSI’s Website?

Product Specifications

*40x Writing, 12x Re-writing, 48x Reading
*E-IDE / ATAPI Interface
*Flash Memory Upgrade Enable System
*2MB Built-in Buffer Size
*Anti-Vibration System
*Front-panel Playback/Skip function button
*Emergency Eject
*Noise-reduced function
*Power Saving Function
*Dust protection design
*Popular CD burning Software Package
*EXACT-Rec monitors accuracy of writing
*AWSS technology reduce vibration & noise
*ROPC technology boosts recording reliability
*MMC 3 compliant (Write)
*ATAPI SFF8020 v2.6 compliant (Read)
*Motorized easy touch loading tray
*Windows® XP WHQL cerfificated
*ISO 9660 compliant

Model Name CR40-A2
Data Transfer Rate/Read 7200 KB/sec (48x)
Data Transfer Rate/Write 6000 KB/sec (40x)
Data Transfer Rate/Rewrite 1800 KB/sec (12x)
Writing Mode Disc-at-once, Track-at-once, Multisession, Packet writing, Session-at-once
Access Time 100 ms (Typical)
Buffer Size 2M bytes
Interface E-IDE/ATAPI
Disc Formats CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA (Mode 2, Form 1 And Form 2), Mixed Mode, CD-I, Video-CD, Photo CD, CD Extra, CD-Text
Disc Size 8cm/12cm
Audio Performance Signal-to-noise ratio: >65 dB (f=1KHz)
Number of stereo channels: 2
Distortion: <0.5% (LPF 20KHz, f=1KHz)
Analog audio line output: 0.7 Vrms (Typical)
Analog headphone output: 0.7 Vrms (Typical)
Sampling frequency: 44.1 KHz
Power Requirement DC +5V/+12V, 2.0A (Max)
Environment Conditions Operating temperature: 5 0C~450C (410F~1040F)
Operating humidity: 20%~80% RH
Non-operating temperature: -20 0C~60 0C (-4 0F~140 0F)
Non-operating humidity: 20%~90% RH
Reliability characteristics MTBF: >60,000 POH
Error rate: 10-12 after error correction, 10-9 soft read error
Firmware Update Flash memory upgradeable
Panel Design Front panel:
load/eject button, audio play/skip button, thumbwheel volume control,reading/writing indicator and 3.5 mm headphone jack, Emergency hole eject

Rear panel:
IDE bus connector, power supply connector, master/slave jumper, digital audio output connector, analog audio line-out connector

OS Compatibility Windows 95/ 98/ ME / NT 4.0/ 2000/ Xp
System Requirement IBM PC compatible Pentium 200MHz or higher; 64MB DRAM, 1GB for Image recording, 150MB free HD space for installing writing software
Dimensions 146 mm x 41.7 mm x 194.2 mm (W/H/D)
Weight 0.85 Kg (Bare Drive)


Who makes this burnproof technology?
Once we know that, then we can pretty much identify who makes the burner.

EXACT-Rec (Enhanced eXtracting & Adapting Control Technology for Recording) monitors accuracy of writing

Seems to be exclusive to MSI and Optorite writers.

Perhaps made by Accesstek? Writers with Exact-Rec also have Exac-Link or Just-link if that helps.

BadReligionPR, yeah i tried and those features are obvious, thanx anyway, but i try to find out special features, like overburning, 2 sheeps in efm encoding, and if i can convert my drive to another.
thanx you all, keep trying to find more info!:cool:

The 32x Accesstek/Optorite (which is most likely similiar to the 40x model) has no sheep for EFM encoding.

ok, but its not 40x, its 32x, maybe its very different!
well at least i hope so!:bigsmile: beacuse i want 2 sheeps!:bow:
i will try to find more info, like a review, it would be excelent, so, peolple, keep helping!!!:smiley:

Do you just want a long list of sites with reviews of it and search them for info?

This drive shipped with the A.QZ firmware installed - the same firmware that the BenQ 4816P uses. After I finished all the tests, I got the word from Ian over at CDRLabs, to flash the firmware to A.UZ. I flashed it up, ran some test, and found that they all finished exactly the same. The firmware did fix up some CD-R coverage issues I had though.

This is from the above link, a review of the 48x. Perhaps the earlier writers are also based on BenQ? All BenQ’s listed at elby have 1 sheep EFM encoding.

well, thankyou, but little info and dont need it;)
i will use this thread to ask something, when i use check the writen data on the cd in nero, the cdrw doesnot respond, it hangs, also happened to me when i put a particular cd, it hangs up, and the entire pc too. helP?