MSI Branded DH-20AL 6-11



I have a MSI branded DH-20AL 6 that all I can come up with in this forum is that it is an LiteOn ihas220, but the ihas220 firmware is not working with it and I was wondering if anyone has any more information as to who manufactured it. MSI has no information for this model and PC Wizard comes up with it as a DH-20A6L. I’m at a loss as to what firmware is going to work on this drive. The manufacture date is 9/09 and it is lightscribe and dual layer compatible. Any suggestions?


First, back-up the current firmware and EEPROM files with the Flash and EEPROM utilities, respectively, found here. Be sure to save the files and not misplace/lose them.

If you want to use an iHAS220 firmware, then you will need to crossflash using the Flash Utility and the stock, unscrambled firmware found here.

Afterwards, if you want to play around with some patched firmwares, you can find them here.

Lastly, if you crossflash your drive, you will lose the warranty on it. Something you may need to consider if that’s important to you.


I’ve had a problem with the EEPROM utilities for some reason norton antivirus doesn’t like it and when I backed up my stock firmware norton went and erased everything associated with the utilities. I’m not concerned with the warranty at this point I just want the drive to work properly the ihas220 fimware increased it’s performance several times over but the problem I’m having is that it will not play DVD’s right now and that’s what I’m trying to fix. Unfortunately the stock fimware is lost Norton took care of that. I’m just concerned with making it work properly. Thank you with the quick response.


Norton likes to flag false positives at times, so disable it and try to run the utilities again. If you haven’t crossflash your drive yet, the original EEPROM and firmware are still in the drive which you can retrieve.