MSI 32x CDRW & Panasonic 24x CDRW

Hi All, just got a quick query about the above burners, does anyone know if the new MSI 32x CDRW is a rebadged Liteon? And does anyone know if the Panasonic 24x is a rebadged Liteon as well?? I own a computer business and one of my suppliers has recently listed these drives, and as I am a Liteon fan and generally only sell Liteon burners, I thought I would see if I could find out any info on these two burners? Can anyone help me out here??
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MSI = Most likely BenQ
Panasonic = No idea, pretty sure it’s not Lite-On.

Cool, thanks dude, I figured that it either had to be a Liteon on a Benq as it was sooo cheap!! Ahh well, thanks anyway, will just stick with the badged Liteons I think, you cant go wrong!!!
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AFAIK, Panasonic=Matsushita. I haven’t had much positive feedback about these burners (from friend’s experiences).

A MSI is more good than a BENQ???

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I am affraid by this answer!!