MSI 12x CD Recorder announced



I just posted the article MSI 12x CD Recorder announced.

Today MSI introduced it’s first CDRW drive. The ATAPI (IDE) drive can write at 12x, rewrite at 8x and playback at 32x.

Also a buffer underrun protection is one of the features of the drive by…

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Lets just ask the question everyone wants to know. Can it copy Safedisk 2 protected games!?! If any of you get this drive post your opinions on it here.


no I dont want to know if it can copy safedisk 2, fuck safedisk 2.. as the quality will be as good as the msi motherboards then theyll have a verry good writer here… too bad it`s an ide…


Hi, it is most likely rebadged Acer 1028a. In which case it would be able to burn any SD1/2 and Securerom1/2 image. But it cannot RIP (not like thats a big deal) subchannel data. So for Securerom image RIP use another drive and burn with this writer.


Just a bit late don’t you think? All major producers of burners got the 12x the 16x and some even a 24x burner, and now MSI announces their 12x??? All my burners copy all protections, just need to use the correct software with it. BTW my burners are both Plex. 8/20 and the 12/10/32A just great.


I wouldnt say that Robin_Hood. You have plex 8/20 (as do I) and thus can rip and burn any copy protect. But none of the newly made burners (Except ACER 1208, 1210, 1610) can burn regular bit EFM correctly (SD2) and subchannel. Many can do subchannel (most good burners) or correct EFM (cheapo phillips) but not both.


I (as in Robin_Hood) stand corrected.