Msgbox in vb

how and where to add a msgbox at the end of Erase of the cd
EX has: msgbox “Erase is finished”
sorry for my english

You should handle OnDoneErase event and display your message box there.

hi alexp

tanks for your help

i have add this code but i see nothing

Private Sub nero_OnDoneErase(Ok As Boolean)
strMessages = strMessages + “Erasing CD Completed” + Chr(13) + Chr(10)
edtMessages = strMessages
End Sub

in fact I want to see the message which announces that the erase is finished I added this code but it misses something and also do not know or I must put it I am not very an expert in vb if you can give me a tanks example

Actually, the event belongs to NeroDrive type not Nero, so I’d expect the name to be something like nerodrive_OnDoneErase. In addition, you must declare the variable with WithEvents.

You would be much more comfortable if you used the VB environment itself to generate the event code for you.