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:bow: :confused: hello iam running xp pro and i have bean tolled that you should shut everything down when burning movies with clonedvd. so when i hit start,run,msconfig it brings up everything that is running. could someone tell me what exactlly i can turn off when it comes to all the microsoft stuff that it shows is running. anyone know for sure if so please tell me word for word what i can all shut off and still be abale to burn my movies.? thankyou very much in advance for your time.

All I ever shut down is my internet connection on ZoneAlarm (on a DSL connection) - other than that everything runs away in the background, and I have never had a problem with buffer under runs or anything like that - even burning at x16 speed.

i have had some problems sometimes with skipping and freezing. please someone tell me if you can word for word what all i can shut off when it comes to micrsoft stuff. just not sure what i can shut off and still be able to run clonedvd and anydvd to burn my movies. thanks again.

hi…i’m running xp home edition on both of my laptops…i have my computers configured for a selective startup (msconfig)…norton antivirus is one of the things that i run…along with a couple of other things…i’ve never had a problem with anything running in the background while i’ve used clonedvd or any other type of software like it…

to go back to your question…some things you’ll be able to disable in msconfig…others aren’t allowed or shouldn’t be tampered with…the best thing to do is to open up msconfig…see what is checked…and then go to the below linked website…and doing a search to see if it’s needed or if it’s necessary…one things for sure…if you uncheck alot of the things that aren’t needed your computer will boot up faster…i liken it like this…with everything checked in msconfig…it’s like coming home at night and turning on the light switch in the entry hall for some light…and you flip the swith and every light in the house comes on…when all you really wanted was the entryway…

the link…

so how up to date is this link and all that it says? I just dont want to mess anything up is all. i guess if in doubt leave it alone. thank you for the link… :smiley:

Hello Folks,

Items that have proved to cause problems running in the background while Burning a DVD are some Anti-Virus Programs, Peer-To-Peer File Sharing Programs, and Surfing the Internet.

It all depends on what particular program you have running in the background, and the speed and power of your Computer Hardware. Burning a DVD is a demanding task and it is just wise and prudent not be multi-tasking when Burning a DVD.

Viewing the reference that Forum Member mukooh was gracious to provide should provide information on which items can be removed from your StartUp. Most items displayed in MSCONFIG StartUp are unnecessary and unneeded. He explanation hits right on the mark.

If the link provided by Forum Member mukooh is not detailed enough for you do a Google search ( for “Starup” and you will find numerous instances of MSCONFIG StartUp deceptions and explanations.

Best Regards,

thanks for the heads up i will check it out. i do stop all my programs just didnt know for sure what i could disable for all the microsoft stuff in msconfig was all.

My 2 cents on msconfig.

There is nothing in startup that XP needs to run normally. When you do a fresh install of XP there is nothing in startup and the system runs just fine.

It’s when you start adding software that things begin to build up. Many of the startup items are not needed and only waste resources, some are required if that software is to perform properly. CloneDVD and AnyDVD will work without interference without anything in startup. You don’t even need AnyDVD in startup, just make a shortcut or access from start\programs.

When I burn I have nothing running in startup, I even disable my Logitech mouse software, only thing that doesn’t work with the mouse then is the 3rd side button used as double click, hardly use it even when it’s running.

Many may consider this as excessive and things may work perfectly well with all checked in msconfig for some, but my philosophy is an ounce of prevention may save you a pound of aggravation.

To begin, I suggest you write down everything that you do have checked in startup, then hit disable all, reboot, and do your burn. After you’re done burning check back what was originally checked and you’re back to the way it was. You should follow mukooh’s advice about finding out what is necessary and what is not.

I have deleted all unnecessary entries in my registry so all I do is enable all or disable all while burning or not burning. I would never suggest somebody unfamiliar with the registry go in there and make changes, you can screw up your operating system.

I have been using a small utility for several years that works better than msconfig, and is great for those afraid of registry tampering.

It has a delete button that removes the startup from the registry for you, if you removed something in error, go to the deleted tab, right click on the entry, and select send to and it gives you a selection. The default is HKLM/run, this is hot key local machine/run. This key is where the majority (not all) of startup programs reside.

The program is named “Startup Control Panel”, after installing you will find it in the control panel only, with its name “Startup” with a computer icon.

Anyone interested in using this very small program (59kb) you can download it here, it’s free, and never expires.

ok aside from startup in xp pro you have services. it shows you everything at least i think everything that is running or not running. is it possible to disable all hear as well or is it the same as doing it in startup? or should you do both? thanks :bow: :doh:

I don’t disable anything in startup, and anydvd & clonedvd works fine, not had any problems, yet, touch wood. :slight_smile:

Try SmartClose a freeware program at
This closes all but necesary, unless you add more.

Don’t touch anything in services.

you could go to , and then read the “Windows XP Tweaking Companion” (pdf, many many pages :wink: ) which is REALLY good, very simple written, easy to understand for non-professionals, and there’s a dedicated section about the services and which of 'em you need or you don’t…

Google " ENDITALL 2 " and maybe that program can help you. First find out what is running and what all the apps do and them you can end the ones you don’t need easily with this free program. ( I think its still free )

If you don’t use messenger, you can disable this as it is dam annoying.

Annoying ain’t the word. That’s the first thing I disable on a fresh install, however, others like it, so who am I to judge. I just don’t like advising people to mess with the services since it’s like a spyder web, with the dependencies it can be destructive to other programs.

:iagree: It’s also the first thing I disable, ‘annoying’ I was being very polite.LOL