MS Word, IIS/FrontPage, NetMeeting security warnings



I just posted the article MS Word, IIS/FrontPage, NetMeeting security warnings..

Again microsoft have flaws in there products,and some patches to fix it.

First up the worst of the three: a hole in MS Word enabling an attacker to run a malicious macro against a user. In…

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nothing new then :4


Doesn;t it make you wonder how M$ expects all these ppl on dial-up to keep up to date Leechn 4 meg here and 60 meg there. STUPID


hmmm… isnt it so that when you buy it you can contact µ$oft for sending patches/updates to you on cd ?


I don’t know what i should say. You spend more time patching MS products than using them for the purpose you actuelly had in mind.


seems to me you need to run word spellchecker :d


He probably did run one, a MS one :slight_smile:


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