MS: We'll always battle software piracy

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Hexium used our newssubmit to tell us that Microsoft says that Windows XP has not been cracked yet and that Microsoft will always fight the battle against software piracy.

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Well I have a copy of XP Pro edition with activation already cracked on the cd. Don’t think there is a file to crack it after the install.

Well, I’m running DevilsOwn Windows XP Pro (build 2600)since September 2 and still no need to activate the product cuz NO activation is required :4

I ran (I am back to Me) Win Xp Pro NL with the licence key that came with DevilsOwn Windows XP Pro (build 2600). Did not need to activate either

There are some patches/cracks. DOn’t know what they do. But we will know soon because some-one must have Xp on his computer for 30 days. I believe the patches get rid of the spy-software within XP

What about HFiSO’s recent release of the HomeEdition? I dont have it (who want home when u got Pro) but the NFO (from ISOnews) says that crack info is on the CD. They must have gotten around product-activasion ?

I have winxp pro devilsown release, this is not a corp version for those people that say it is. This version is a cracked version, the pro version was cracked since ages, i also have the cracks for home ed and pro, the home ed works, still need to make some tests on the pro ed, all the cracks for winxp will be released by a crack group (not telling though), later, so they will be available on the internet very soon. And for those of you that dont read the news the activation had already been bypassed some time ago by some crackers (not telling who they are either :)). Although there is another way to crack the pro version and it is to copy some of the system files from the devilsown release to the non-activated version of winxp, but then again this is not a crack.

well I’ve got a copy of windows xp, and it has the activation on it, if someone here could email me with some ideas, I would much appreciate it

M$ is showing theri IQ, XP is already the most Copied OS M$ has ever had and only because they tried to stop coping! All the info is out there many good d/l sites for XP Pro you will have to search everyday as the FBI is taking them down as fast as they can find them, BUT, Find all your info and remember to do the reg craks before you hook up you modem or nIC card, have fun M$ just cant learn,:d

I’ve heard rumors of registry tweaks that bypass or reset the activation every time the system is rebooted, but no proof. Am asking Reb0ot if he can inform me about is Home Ed crack

~sniffles~ Help! I have Windows XP and guess what? …it has that activation thingy, and I was wondering if anybody in general could help me out a little and e-mail me a crack code or something… I’d really, really appreciate it if I could get some help!