MS Vista to reject regioned / encrypted DVDs in RPC1 drives

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 When  DVD-ROM drives first hit the market in 1998, the DVD specification required that software measures would be put in place to enforce the region  coding and checking measure. ...
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No big deal for those who want to read a region free (or different region) movies!!! There are logs for that, and even MS won’t be able to stop hackers from making thos logs!!!

Then again, they are messing with the customers, who buy original, encrypted, region coded titles. Decrypted, protection free titles will be transparent for this limitation.

Not a huge problem, as the counter can be reset very easy. :d

if it aint broken then dont fix it there they go again

this is AWFUL, re should all be able to use our hacked multiregion firmwares, ms is pandering to the movie industry’s every wim! hdcp, drm, now this!

correct me if i am wrong but didn’t MS just throw a wobbly at Sony when they left millions of computer open to abuse and pssobily rendering them useless. Well isn’t that what they are doing to millions of drive out there

one more reason not to upgrade or buy vista installed machine; i will mirgrate to linux as soon as i know how to know that stuff :wink:

The farther into forest, the fatter partisans are. (old eastern saying). First there was drm, then those XP security pop-ups, then SP2 p2p limits… just hold your breath for HD-dvd debut. Cant support old hardware? Duh! Vista is built on XP- just copy-and-paste the old driver database from it. What it appears to be is another attempt to bring up a “proper” consumer - that goes and buys a new PC in Walmart, eats exclusively in Donalds and listens to the riaa subcultural crap; fat, stupid and ignorant kind. What they dont understand is there must be some critical mass for an alternative OS on the market, some system with around a 25% share, the point when suddenly software and hardware makers, business, govt care ,public education and of course home users realize they have been ripped off and welcome the change. It will happen sooner or later. Personally for me it’s the moment to buy a faster processor which will not be supported by the ol’ good w2k. Anyway, best wishes, M$. p.s. Will my “Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0 Model 1007” with leather back be supported or is it considered old? :wink: Cheers. FidelC

Uhaga, interesting to see that m$ is kicking their A$$ now himself instead waiting for others getting this job done. I haven’t seen 1 point so far that would make me believe their Vi$ta is “better” than earlier products… m$, you’ll bring it straight into the bin, fast. :B

Bring on OS X for Intel chips and give MS a little competition. It can only be good for consumers:d

I’m happily using Windows 2000 & FreeBSD, I actually buy every version of Windows I have but I was left wish a very bad taste in my mouth after buying FrontPage 2002. That damn product activation annoys the hell out of me and I totaly refuse to buy any M$ product with it in it. Hence why i’ve never upgraded to Windows XP or will i ever buy it or any other product with activation. Yet again M$ has lost my money as I actually was a paying customer.

I actually WAS a paying mcse. :r

Microsoft might just as well rename Windows vista to Windows DRM and all big commercial companies will be supporting it big time .Leaving the end user renting a PC like a TV box and big green go buttons and connecting to PC every time they use it for permission. With no doubt a change in the law to help it all along.

intel inside apple isn’t good for consumer as apple helps intel to implement hardware based drm solutions to all its processors & chipsets trusted computing or whatever will be coming to us which will cause all sort of troubles for us i think ms is killing rpc1 drives as ms wants to be a prime platform for the multimedia solution to lure contents distributors; ms must be thinking, more contents means more business i am trying linux to migrate away from ms windows; maybe, you should do it, too :wink:

Reason number 314692 not to use Vista. :slight_smile: What a joke. As it is they can’t even secure the OS’ we have NOW. With all the focus on DRM, does security take a back seat in Vista? Only time will tell. But this will be the most USELESS product ever released.

Someone who want to use movies designed for more than one region, can’t be stopped by that (even without patching firmware, he/she can always buy a second DVD reader and lock it to the “other” region). I really can’t get it. Why M$ doing this?
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ms has allready done that with media center os i have media center with all updates it refuses to play any dvd that i buy from the store or rent from netflex it says cannoy play this disk reagen code error do not buy or have anything to to with media center os ms s@@ks a big one they are selling out to the movie people why cant another compay make a os to replace ms

Dudes, Just run a VMWARE linux session on your PC for things like watching DVDs, and anything else. Face it, all the things we love excepting playing video games can be done on Linux. I only really need a Windows PC for things like Battlefield 2 etc…

Vista will be published, time will go and go… And one great day will come, when you’ll just connect to the I-net (or maybe you’re always connected) and download a patch with a smiley like that: ;-). And everything will be fine!
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