MS urges people not to use the Internet

I just posted the article MS urges people not to use the Internet.

Source: TheRegister

Microsoft developed a self test, with this test you can find out the risk of using pirated software…

Finding out what exactly Microsoft is thinking is harder than getting…

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Low Risk:
Congratulations! Your answers indicate you are at a low risk that your software is not properly managed, meaning low risk of unlicensed software use.

hmmm, you said I would be Medium Risk…

Hmmm? it sounds like that MS is trying to figure out who’s doing what and see if they can track the person down.


come to

low risk means low on cash

and ms is happy

High Risk.
Is that good?

Always funny, those guys from MS.

Zo, nou eerst een bavaria.
Nee, doe maar een kratje.

When some one says M$ I think about some ugly disease
Maybe this is what it really is…

of course microsoft dont want u to use the internet. bad things happen there children!

mea culpa :B

Licence? What’s a licence? Why do I need one?

This is nice… But still MicroSux can’t do anything about illegal use of Windows and Office Suites. Why? Remember Bill’s famouse words? “We don’t approve of the illegal use of Microsoft Products at home, but if a home user only has one illegal copy of our products we won’t sue him/her. Not now and not in the future.” Thanks Bill!

yes! i have a high risk for pirated software! wooo-hooo!