MS turns up heat on warezed WinXP copies

I just posted the article MS turns up heat on warezed WinXP copies.

Well Microsoft decleared war on the warez versions of the operating system Windows XP as you can read in this article.
There main target probely will be the key of the widely used DevilsOwn…

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LoL it’s already cracked i heard. So u can use the SP1 without “identifying” urself… Ohwell, keep trying M$! :d -=Greetingz Woutiir=-

The cracked SP1 was released yesterday and goes under the name of Windows.XP.SP1-PsYcHoTiC Oh, and it works fine aswell… no problemo :slight_smile:

And why not just use the nice Keygen for WinXP ?? Just let your computer work over the night to generate a nice bunch of 20-30 CD-Keys, and then just pick one of those the next time you reset your system…

you need a key with an id of 640. if it’s 641 or 648 or whatever else, it won’t work (most probably). so test your generated keys and use only the ones with id number of 640. pretty difficult to generate such keys, generate 300-400 keys, then try them all (test function in the keygen, id must be 640)

So long as it doenn’t take down your IP, I don’t think there’ll be problems with this…

Please don’t speak in details on how to bypass the protections, if you want to do it, please do it by e-mail. I’m not sure if this could get us in trouble, but please respect our decision to not allow this, postings like this will be deleted… I hope you’ll understand.

I am having the same problem D-an-W, i got mine from malaysia it was pre cracked:(

Just a little side note to this, Microsoft has also gone and disabled all ‘known’ pirated keys for Office v.X (for Macintosh). However, while doing that, they have disabled ‘legit’ Keys that have appeared on retail copies of Office v.X Apparently if you call Microsoft and ask for a new key they deny it to you saying that you are in the wrong for having a ‘pirated’ key.

Just one question… What happens to the guy who actually buys WinXP and their cd-key starts with “FCKGW”?

Its kewl DOMiN8ToR, keep up the good work m8y… :4 :slight_smile: :4

I don’t think that there are any ‘legal’ keys that start with “FCKGW” this was the leaked key or something. Anyway just download the cracked SP1 it should be all oeverywhere should have some cracked stuff already… :slight_smile:

I was under the impression that it only banned the widely distributed devilsown key and that any other keys…wherever you obtained them…should work fine as long as windows accepts it initially as valid.

Windows.XP.SP1-PsYcHoTiC --> is this 101% sure final??

Nope, 180 Day beta AFAIK

Windows XP SP1 will be final August 14th. Anything else is a beta.

On one level we all really know how much this information doesn’t mean - on the other hand - please keep in mind that we at this point are a widely known website - we are respected - we were even quoted in a very major audio magazine recently - so lets be really careful as to what & how we are commenting publicly. Obviously we need not be afraid of admitting our knowledge, however another thing to consider, if I know where someone is hiding, he is no longer hiding…CdFreaks Rox…

win2000 update aint workin no more in here :frowning:

to WRFan, or whoever else knows… Why does it have to have a Product ID of 640, and not 641-648?

death_scythe_2k, the idea that the id has to be 640 is just an assumption. ALL the original keys of win2000 had an id of 260 and the two original keys leaked have an id of 640. thus, one might assume that ALL winxp keys have an id of 640. which means, microsoft might blacklist all keys which have any other ID. the security algorithm would simply check for the two keys blacklisted by microsoft, the second step being the checking of the id of the present key. if it has any other id than 640, they would blacklist it and prevent the installation of the service pack. however, I just tested the key provided with the beta version of the service pack( Windows.XP.SP1-PsYcHoTiC ), and the id is 645! and people report successfull installation of the service pack with that key. which means the service pack beta blacklists only the two leaked original keys, but doesnt check the ids. however, this might change till the final release, which means you should let your computer switched on for a couple of nights, so that it generates a couple of serials. when the final service pack is out, you are then the first to be able to install it, using a key with id of 640. it costs you nothing, after all. just let the pc switched on, when you don’t use it.