MS tips its hand on WinXP protection system

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Da_Taxman used our newssubmit to tell us:

Microsoft’s adoring public in the unofficial beta distribution channel seems to be awarding null points to the latest escapee from Fort Redmond,…

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Afcourse its going to be cracked im very sure about that and microsoft will fail!!

Like i always say if someone can make it someone else can crack it :slight_smile:

This is still a pain in the ass though. I prefered the days when a simple: 1234 00000000 could be used as the product key for MS products. I really hate all this dial home shit and even if I was going to go out and buy it this would make me think twice. When I can afford to pay for software (after I graduate), I think I’ll probably prefer to pay for Red Hat with support because they’re not trying to force shit lilke product activation down my throat, hardware dependancies (doesn’t that defeat the whole point of the OS), security against mp3’s built into my file system etc. Windows are REALLY pushing their limits with all the shit they’re trying to force people to put up with. If they go too far they’re gonna blow it for themselves.

2469 already got cracked =)

Nila, Win95 were the best days. When asked for a key, you simply had to hit ‘cancel’ and then ‘ignore’ and the install accepted it.

already had the solarix (working) crack for over a week… :wink:

Yeah, it just took him a little longer than the others. What I don’t get is that M$ actually have connvince peeps to PAY to test their software. The releases coming in the summer actually cost the peeps money to try.