Ms tcp/ip ver 6?

I recently installed a new router and made some configuration changes to my network, and all of a sudden, tcpsvcs.exe is pegging my cpu usage non stop. So I do some hunting and find that microsoft tcp/ip, file and printer sharing, and QoS scheduler are the ones that might be causing it. So I try all three (uninstall) and it is microsoft tcp/ip version 6 that was causing it. Printer and file sharing is reinstalled and not causing problems, QoS scheduler sounds like something I don’t need (reserves/steals 20% of your bandwith so your computer doesn’t become non-responsive), and uninstalling it didn’t help anyway.

So what is microsoft tcp/ip version 6? I understand that tcp/ip is a comunications protocol, but what exactlly is the microsoft tcp/ip version 6 service, and do I need it? My internet connection seems to be working fine without it. I still haven’t figured how to transfer files over the network (I have ran multiple computers on a kvm for years but just started networking due to a home theater pc in the living room), and I’m not that farmiliar with networking, so I have no idea if it is effecting file transfer between computers or anything else?

Go back into control panel ,network connections, local area connections,properties,.
Then if TCP/IP Version 6 is there with your old internet protocol(TCP/IP) .Then highlight (TCP/IP Version 6) and uninstall it ,it will ask to reboot ,do so …And the problem will be fixed.You don’t need it .

Thats what I did. I was just wondering what it was and what it did (and if I needed it for anything so thanks for answering that).

It’s not used on user end connections though.