MS starting to retreat on WinXP product activation



I just posted the article MS starting to retreat on WinXP product activation.

While the whole activation code is already cracked microsoft change there polisy on it.

icrosoft says it will loosen up the way Windows Product Activation (WPA) works in WinXP, and that it’s going…

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Would be nice if they removed it all together!


This is just a waste of their money and time. Instead of putting those guys to work on the WPA, they could instead be discovering the many bugs or adding some features to the WinXP.


Adding features = adding bugs.


If everyone keeps bitching about this stupid thing M$ has added to their sad line of OS’s, then they are destined to take it out: the customer is always right and even M$ has to obey this simple rule :slight_smile:


I tried the UCF crack for Office XP and it works on the Dutch version! The crack is 4.5 MB and contains a cracked mso.dll


‘microsoft change there polisy on’ ??? ‘Microsoft change thEIr polICY on’ methnks :wink:


TAFKAP or anyone else do you have the UCF crack for Dutch Office XP ???