MS Sidewinder Pro steering wheel qestion

Hi Guys,

I wanted to buy a second hand Microsoft Sidewinder Pro steering wheel and I’ve seen some around that use GamePort as opposed to USB.

I dont really like GamePort pads and wheels and I wanted to know in this day and age is it better to opt for a USB wheel and not a GamePad one?

The reason I ask is I wanted the M$ Wheel to play NFS Underground and I wondered is a wheel that used a GamePort would do the job well enough?

PS: Im sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.

I have the Force Feedback USB version, you will not require any driver and/or any settings , it’s 100% supported in NFS:U. In all other NFS however it plays horrible , ( no force feedback for instance ) because the internal drivers of those games need to be patched.

P.S. If anyone can find me a USB Sidewinder joypad with the tilting option in it, i’d appreciate it.

Thanks for the info Mr. Belvedere very much appreciated. :slight_smile: