MS Runs Out of XP Licenses,

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In order to encourage people to not run their new operating system Windows XP on unlicensed computers, Microsoft began offering family licenses,…

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God bless WAREZ! :4

Alright Geezerz ! Da devilsown XP worx sweet wiv no problems what-so-ever - da point ? Well once again we 'ave a greedy company bitting da hand dat feedz 'em . . Just like da music industry and da game industry. While a dodgy geezer can easily get stuff free which worx better wiv no agro, a legit geezer sufferz wiv all deez probz. One a me mates the other day woz saying 'ow pissed off he is wiv having to keep putting a particular game in the CD drive EVERYTIME he wantz to play it - this is after paying 35 quid for it ! The solution ? - I bunged him a cracked EXE - sorted ! When will these companies ever learn - they’re now becoming so desparate dat they’re alienating da people they should be totally respecting to da max. Oh well. Laterz … . :wink:

So, this is what they call the “XP”?

This is why I chose the corporate version to pirate.