MS rep says managed copy wont require Internet for playback



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                Today, we get to hear the latest from someone that ought to know- one of  Microsoft's key representatives to AACS, Richard Doherty. This gentleman is  Microsoft's senior...
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I do think that sounds ok but have found that all DRM hinders normal use for me at least .Even DVD’s today can force you to watch advertisements ,yet pirates just remove them so have a improved version. Now I am told if you do not have an Internet connection no problem but can you guarantee that all software I buy will work without updates to firmware in the future I think not will wait for next advance when DRM hurts so many people its abandoned


HA! I believe THAT one. Is he selling stock in the Brooklyn Bridge and ocean front property in Arizona with each HD/BD player? It may not be operable for the INTERIM agreement period, but sure as hell, they’ll require it at some point. Two years from now there’ll be a huge bust on a piracy operation involved with BD/HD stuff and then they’ll use the excuse to institute requiring a phone home to play scheme. The only thing is that the piracy bust will be staged by the MPAA because they’ll ensure that something of a great magnitude can be built up (involving $100 million’s of piracy products) by supplying them with the movies and equipment to pirate the stuff. Then when the pirates get a large enough operation, poof the MPAA will point to it and say, “See we need more and tighter DRM” and they’ll get it and implement it. :d


Yes I’m very interested in the ongoing metamorphosis of AACS…but into a dead AACS. MS say I won’t need a spyline/ phone connection to enable my hardware to function. They then go on to say that Iwill need to be connected at some date in the future. So that means the rumour is true. Boycott DRM:+


I will only buy HD-DVD or Blu-Ray if I do not need an internet connection.


Of course, it may not require internet connection just for a movie playback. Consumer Screwing will update itself via future disk releases. Although i expect that sometime down the road you wont be able to playback “bonus features” on the disk without having to upgrade the software. Naturally, many wont do it even then, but those annoying popup windows (in xp style) will help, and besides, who is gonna want a $1000 machine that is not capable of something. Ppl will be forced "volunterely"to give in. Thats what DRM is, to manage your consumer rights means as usual in corporate world to take them away. It isnt to curb piracy, it wont be any less of it, even in HD. Its about money. An M$ will make another round of billions selling our household statistics with movie choice habbits to targeting advertisers. So lets say, if you rent “Die Hard” and such, you will be more likely to recieve flyers with guns and ammo in your morning post. I.e. managing is always = control = money. Cheers(?) FidelC