MS refuse to fix a security problem

I just posted the article MS refuse to fix a security problem….

Submitted by: Vinny

Yesterday Microsoft refused to fix a security problem in Windows 2000 RPC service. The bug in RPC service allows an attacker to…

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Well, what can i say? Micro$oft $ucks

Hmmm… Is somebody working on WinNuke 2000 yet?

Not the most common way to communicate this but hey…it should work!

Duke: put a block on those URLs posted by the sorcerer6. And ban that motherf*cker from the server

Finally, someone is going to end this crazy little game from sorcerer6.
Now about the problem:
M$ must be really clumsy if they can’t get out of the bunch of code they made themselves! If you coded it yourself, it shouldn’t be so difficult to release an update which closes that securityhole. That is if you coded it yourself offcourse and don’t rip it from another program (as M$ often does).


A dying company trying to raise a laugh?

Yeah well its well deserved.