MS Office XP trial edition almost free



I just posted the article MS Office XP trial edition almost free….

Ok almost free you say? Microsoft is planning to ship over a million trial editions of Office XP via retailers, hardware manufacturers and even magazine cover mounts before the final version is…

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I don’t believe it. Wanna bet it is not the real version. Bet something is missing.:c


Its probaly a rip of MAC OS 9!! :8


whatever this is it cant be as bad as a mac:( mac sux


Finally! Some-one admits that every thing a man can make, another man can break! :d Way to go Microsoft… :4


It has been a few months and I have yet to find the crack for it. Maybe Microsoft has blundered into something? :c I know there is a univeral code but I haven’t found it yet… :+


Windows xp pro final has long since been hacked, there are full versons of xp floating around with activation codes. same with office xp, i know because my friend is really into this stuff and does little favors 4 peeps by getting them any program they want.