MS Mediaplayer v7 Dutch online

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Yes finaly for the Dutch windows users is there Mediaplayer7 Dutch.

The reason we put this up is due to the following 2 features of…

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Damn dude it’s SLOW!!

I’ve tryed it in the english version but it sucks a little cuz… if you watch a movie in full screen or switch to full screen or back it maybe hang i mean by that that he not changing…
but you’ll see by your self i think have FUN

Why put it on the net it is included in Windows ME. OK officialy the dutch version is not released yet, but hey you guys, their are some dutch versions of ME which work fine.

I have the final (3000) versie off Windows Mill. NL and it’s working fine.
The full version.

Mail me if you want to buy it FL. 15,= incl. Reg-key.

Greetz Rolo.

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We can provide the final FULL version of WinME too, NL or UK.
Only FL. 10 incl. CD-key

Like,… Does anybody really wants to have Mediaprayer 7.0??? It sucks BIGTIME!!!

O, and stop posting those stupid offers of WINME. This is not a warez-site.
BTW, WINME is producing more blue-screens then any other…

WinME sucks BIG-time.

MS biggest mistake so far.

Same story as w2k ?,

… SP1 is in the make …

I can’t imagine that some people are wiling to pay much money for this fake release (again)

“UNIX is like Lego - you can build anything with it.
Windows is like Duplo, it looks nice, but for all practical
purposes, it is fcking useless!"
"But I use it anyway, 'cauze it’s !@#$&
() easy,
and I’m a lazy asshole!”

Huh, windows isn’t like Duplo…cause duplo is save to play with