MS loosens XP WPA some more, to offer upgrade to Pro

I just posted the article MS loosens XP WPA some more, to offer upgrade to Pro.

They loosen up on the WPA it woulded be better if they even started with it its already cracked and bypassed…

Microsoft has wobbled some more on Windows Product Activation (WPA) in WinXP, but…

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Just installed this on my mates machine. BOY was that a trip. Tried to do a fresh install and for some unknown reason it had a load of problems reading some of the files it said even though it had just copied them to the hard drive. NO IDEA what that was about. Reinstalled Win2k and then used it as an upgrade and it went sweet as hell. It looks not bad.It’ll take a bit of getting used to at first for all of you, who like me, know your way around Win2k EXTREMELY well with the keyboard. Pity server edition aint out or I’d install it on mine too. :slight_smile: XP looks like fun though guys - get it.

I’m looking forward to the back office edition… Just kidding, no use for me.