MS Intellimouse Explorer + WinME



is anybody else having the problem where their intellimouse 3.1 icon doesn’t show up in the tray in WinME? i just added the intellimouse program to the startup folder, but it’s a pain in the ass to close it every time.


As far as I know, the MS intellipoint drivers are not compatible with ME. I tried to install 3.1a and it just gives me an - incompatible error with this version of windows.


Very cool…Micro$oft Software that doesn’t work on a Micro$oft OS…very interesting


it’s actually a combo of MS hardware/software. this sucks, because i like this mouse - it’s very cool.


maybe the win2000 driver will work
if you need it …just send me an email…no link available


You like the explorer?’s fucking too big…

I’m going to buy the new Logitech with optical eye (not the right term but reads OK )…this one is a lot better


i like that it’s big, because i have big hands, so it feels more comfortable than my other mouse - a mouseman ps2.