MS flight simulator display problem

I cannot get Flight Sim 2002 to display full screen no matter what I do. M$ support is no help.
I’m using an ATI Radeon 8500-128MB, and iiyama 17.5" LCD set at 1280x1024(native res), using the DVI input. No matter how I set resolution in both the program and display properties, the result is a 5x9" box in the middle of a black screen. Changing the game display settings has no effect in any case.
Am I missing something here? how do you get this game to display full screen? I’ve tried using the Sub input to the monitor too, updated all drivers, reinstalled the monitor, etc.;en-us;Q274605 try this link;en-us;Q274605 try this link

Wrong game, wrong issue.
Basically, FS-2002 is displaying in 800x600 no matter what settings I use.

I hope I dont sound like I’m being funny, you’ve probably already thought of this. But I thought I might as well say it just incase you haven’t.

Have you got XP or 2K? Could it be the refresh rate? Have you got a refresh rate fixer for XP or 2K?


Have you got a refresh rate fixer for XP or 2K?

What’s that? It’s set at default of 60, I only have the choice of 60 or 70 and it doesn’t help to change it. I guess I’ll have to try switching to sub input again and re-set resolutions some more, but it looks really bad at anything but 1280x1024, and DVI is so much clearer.

Well, the simplest solution always works, doesn’t it?
All I have to do is run it in a window instead of full-screen mode, and drag the window to full-screen size. It looks fine this way.
A typical M$ bug. After doing the above, it now will switch to a true full-screen mode with the right resolution. weird!