MS files civil action against Godabuzz!

I just posted the article MS files civil action against Godabuzz!.

Submitted by: Ph0enix

Most of you will probably know Godabuzz, it (was) a website that offered warez for download, uploaded on most free webspace…

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This is not good. This is the first time that a warez site has been sued. Bad trend this is…not good at all. Ah well, can’t sue them all

HAHAHA … That’s why some of us uses ftp

It says ‘offered pirate software FOR SALE’

Most warez sites dont SELL anything, AND the warez are stored on remote servers.

So if they try that in court they will lose BIG-TIME!!!

anyway if microsoft is so touchy about piracy maybe somebody should tell sonique ( that microsoft has pirated there software and called it ‘mediaplayer-7’ !!!

they were sued by stacker so it can be done again!!!


Fuck ya´ Microsoft Niggaz!!!

‘This is the first time that a warez site has been sued’

no it isn’t


anybody who knows a real good divx movie site like godabuzz pleaze mail me

I just hope no other sites get scared by this and stop posting warez. I was actually looking for Godabuzz today and wondering where the hell it had gone. Anyone know any equally good sites that I can use instead. I’m especially after Adobe GoLive v5.0 which I cant find anywhere.

Well , these are the best 2 sites left ( really good ) ( very good but no apps )

If you can’t find one here , try .pretty descent site with links .( no bullshit links )

I just found out that this site responds on the date set on your PC. The guy down here posted his message at “monday 09 october”


Previous message addennum: It’s 08 august, and my message was posted at 19 october? I guess this site doesn’t use the PC’s date after all… It’s simply a little bit confused…