MS digital rights management scheme cracked!



I just posted the article MS digital rights management scheme cracked !!.

WMA has been cracked. Digital rights management (DRM) version 2.0 which is used in windows media player 7.0 can now be bypassed. An anonymous coder named ‘Beale Screamer’ has created an utility to…

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just goes to show that companies are wasting money on an endless battle. jeez. on the other hand… i still use mp3 as my primary format. so this makes no difference for me. by the way… what’s the percentage of use of WMA vs. MP3 vs. Others? just wondering.


it was cracked yeah, but DAMN did it take a while. Never been into WMA. Prefer mp3’s!


what? there are mp3s that are encrypted and hard to copy? they also take longer to download? well, why don’t we stick to mp3? :wink:


i’m also using MP3 only, never really gave WMA any chance, i think WMA was released to late, were there ever any real competetion, at any point? :wink:


WMA is like DVD, 1 Day it will get there… till then ill stick with MP3 :4


Ren|Gx - problem is, this one’s already been cracked before it got there. That’s gonna hamper it getting anywhere.


lol… true true


Mp3’z 192’s to 320 bitrate only, if and when I can! I prefer to have decent quality, even if it takes more time and more space. :9 However, I’ve recently acquired a Sony N770 Clie (absolutley amazing!) but seeing as it uses ATRAC (Sony’s all-time sound format) is there away of making up my own using thrid party software? A plug-in even? I’m not to bothered that Sony’s Open MG Jukebox has the 3 file transfer limitation, then you have to pass it back, before moving it to another destination, as 3 times is more than enough, but is there away around that too? Hmmm… 2.2 hours of very good quality music on one 128mb MagicGate memory… WOW! :stuck_out_tongue:


mp3 is the only way to go…screw wma and their crappy obviously ineffective protection schemes :smiley:


Who cares? Shorten is so much better. shn can be added to winamp. There Is NO LOSS IN QUALITY. Way of the future my friends.


A warning to everyone… I made the mistake of giving wma a chance (and granted the quality is better than mp3… imo), had to reinstall windows and then couldn’t play my own music again…:frowning: okay I could rerecord but to hell with that hassle. I’ll stick to Ogg in future.