MS backs Xbox with $500 million

I just posted the article MS backs Xbox with $500 million.

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Robbie Bach, senior VP of Microsoft’s games division, explained, “This will be the biggest launch Microsoft has ever done.” $500 million will be spent on the console’s…

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Will X-box be as “stabble” as
windows 9x ??? :slight_smile:

The X-box works on Win2k, not win 9x…
and win2k rulez!

it would be cool if u could hook up your Xbox to your Television and monitor!

Although I am against games :wink:

A small problem; does anyone think the X-Box will be stable ? No. Knowing MS there will be patches to the OS and every game probably.

The OS of the X-box will be more like windows CE and not win2000.
BTW Holmez , wy are you against video games ? Try diablo II , I’m sure even YOU will enjoy it !!!

If it runs wince do you think it will be long untill someone writes a dreamcast emu

First, there was Web-TV, then came Web-TV Plus, now we present to you… X-BOX! Not only can you surf the web and play games but you will have a hours of enjoyment as you install Service Pack 14a beta 12 as the OS crashes because Media Player kicked in to play your Got Mail WAV file which got corrupted thanks to the highly secure? file system that just filled your inbox with even more spam about how to be a millionaire by selling horse dung. We at Microsoft enjoy laughing our asses off at you, the public, in an ongoing effort to take all your money in exchange for headaches that increase sales in the Asprin medical fields as well as increased profits for our friends at MCI when you are on hold for 3 hours waiting for technical support which is in no way free once you get ahold of a technician.

Ummm… heheh, whoops, guess I got carried away

Now serious…

they are putting a tripdown version of w2000 in the xbox.
So they can leave a lot of crap out of the OS.
They’ve got standard hardware so they can tune the whole computer very simple. I think this is a good thing, because i’m getting sick of buying fucking upgrades of 800 guilders.

They Should be called MicroSHAFT!!!