MS- 8332 only CDRW media that works is the one that it came with!?

Is this possible? I have a MSI ms-8332 12x CDRW high speed. The only 12x CDRW high speed media that works is the cd (no brand name) that came with the burner.

I have tried Sony, Verbatim, Memorex - none work. But the generic no-name one supplied in the box does!

Who makes this mystery disk? Are there brands that work?

I am using InCD. I have also tried XP. InCD will not format without errors.

XP will write but the I cannot read on the MSI. Funnily enough, my old CREATIVE 52X will then read the disk.


ms-8332 firmware 150D
P4 1.3
40 gig HD
384 MB
XP Home Edition