Ms-7021 sata problem

I have got a sata dvd RW and for first time I used sata port.My windows not comming up normally but in safe mode i checked that dvd RW was installed succesfully.bios not recognize dvd drive.bios updated to 2.0
Drive model : sony dvd RW… DRU-870S

Hi and Welcome!

your computer has a Via chipset. Unfortunately, the Sata controllers of early revisions of Via 8237 southbridge are not very compatible with optical drives.
Only solutions:
Return the drive and get one with P-ATA interface or
Buy a [I]non-Raid[/I] Sata controller PCI card, preferably with Silicon Image chipset (3512 or 3114) or a Promise controller.
Some Raid controllers with Silicon Image chipset can also be converted into the non-Raid version, see here: