[Mrs. Feeny] - 383rd comic ... Polly, Mrs. Feeny and Garfield

Heya everybody,

OK how to explain this all… guys you can’t image… I had a bluescreen some weeks ago and so the complete PC crashed and all the data and so on… long story… no backup that was up to date… ok…
But here I am again. I’m using another programm now that’s why the font on the comics may look something different. I still hope you like it… well I hope you can read it?
Please tell me if the text is ok like this and you can read it good enough.
I’m really sorry for the long break but work has been hard and still is but here we go again today:

This is the story about Polly and a cracker… Polly is Mrs. Feeny’s new bird… well…

Have a nice week… omg… Christmas is coming soon… well I hope I find the time for a Christmas comic.


LOL!!! Great comic Alex.

I can read the text, but it could be a little bit darker to be honest.

Btw, how are you doing? Everything okay?

Hi Namoh,

thanks for the fast feedback… so everything alright? Not really… I bought a new car and already was well let’s say approx. 2-3 times a week back into the … well workshop… repair shop… factory… well you know what I mean… Christmas is coming soon and I yet don’t have all presents…
And I need to work at Saturday and next week 27th, 28th and weekend… perhaps even at 31st December… so … :doh::doh:

But there is sure the one or another comic ahead.