Mr Wizard?

I have tried the 197 from your site for the 5045 and it seems to have caused a focus issue. What exactly are the changes made in the code for ???
What are they supposed to cure besides mv?? Is is it possible to get the unit to record an mp3 audio file? I’m trying to understand the firmware code --what can you relate to me to interpret and understand it?
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The modified firmware for the LVW-5045 is just designed to prevent its copy protection detection from taking effect while recording as far as I’m aware of. Besides that, the modified 197 firmware should function the same as with the official 197 firmware, i.e. it does not add any other extra features to this player.

For recording audio, this LiteOn model will only record directly to CD-R/RW as a standard Audio-CD format. Unfortunately, the LiteOn does not support MP3 encoding, which means that if you would like to record audio on your LiteOn, you will neeed to take the Audio CD-R/RW recorded in it and rip it on a PC to encode into the MP3 format.