?Mr. Wizard why only change--

Mr. Wizard why did your program only add 4 to oxA7 and 0xEB but nothing to 0x47. The fix for version 091 added something to 0x47.

By the way what’s a better hex file comparor other then uedit.

your program ilo hacker-i guess you –
stated :
Found Macrovision Hex String at 0x000A12C6.
Found Macrovision v098 Checksum at 0x00000047.
Found LP v098 Hex String at 0x001D9B9C.
Found LP v098 Checksum at 0x000000A7.
Found MainChecksum at 0x000000EB.
Added LP Record Ability.
Removed Macrovision.
Added Region Free.
However it did not add nothing to 0x47 and added stuff elsewhere. I’m confused.


The code at 0x47 is the checksum for Macrovision. Since the change for Macrovision (+1) was offset by the change for the region code (-1), there was no need to change the checksum at 0x47 as that would have put it out of balance.