Mr. Netscape about copy protection: They're doomed

I just posted the article Mr. Netscape about copy protection: They’re doomed.

Olli used our newssubmit to tell us that also Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen has seen the light, copy protections are doomed.

In this article on he says that figthing…

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File swapping is not a euphemism for theft. If I go to the store and take a loaf of bread without paying, that is stealing. The bread is gone, the baker can’t sell it to someone else. This is clearly a loss. If I download a song without paying, nothing is missing and it CAN be sold to someone else. This is not theft. The music industry’s biggest problem is their categorical denial that sharing digital files is something quite different from stealing trucloads of actual discs. Every downloaded song is NOT a lost sale. The entertainment industry simply cannot comprehend anything digital. To apply the same language, rules, and laws to the digital realm as if they actually apply is foolish. The industry has abused its customers for years because it was able to generate an artificial scarcity in music by tying it to physical media like tapes and discs. That artificial scarcity is gone. And they’d rather throw people in jail than admit it.

The Netscape co-founder said it very simply "If it can be heard or seen in the computer, it can be copied. Now why is this a difficult concept to explain to BMG, SONY, RIAA, Sunncomm, Midbar and the rest?

i cant believe they keep insisting that everytime someone downloads a song they are losing out on the sale of a cd. since i started downloading music i have bought more cds but now i refuse to buy any cds at all cos i only play them on my pc and they are trying to stop me doing that. i am also the proud owner of an mp3 player so i should be able to rip the cds i pay for and put them on it. if they arent going to listen to us, we should stop listening to their artists :stuck_out_tongue:

Every downloaded song is NOT a lost sale. 100% correct