Mr. and Mrs. smith not copyin

hey can someone help. i put the mr. and mrs. smith dvd in and its not working. i go to clone it gets half way and freezed. i got 5110 version. i tried for 3 hours and made 5 coasters. :Z


(possibly depending on the region this disc was sold) this disc installs a “copyright enforcement driver” (malware like) if autorun/autoplay was enabled and the user had administrative permissions.
If this crap called “driver” has been installed on your system it is totally messed up.


you telling me this dvd puts spyware on my computer??? i can copy other movies but this one is hard. need more help

I backed this title up with no problems using dvdfab4 in full disc mode. Why don’t you try using dvdfab to rip the dvd9 to HDD then after that is done you open that file with dvdfab and try clone on it. This might work but I not too sure, also I have the 2 disc unrated region 1. If you want I can try this movie using dvdfab5 in clone mode and let you know what happens but at the moment I am backing up Narnia. Also I will be using the newest release that is at the top of the dvdfab forum page

thank u alot i will try

[quote=wontellyou;2168315]you telling me this dvd puts spyware on my computer??? [/quote]Not exactly spyware.
At least the german releases were protected with “Alpha-DVD” from
This “protection” not only influences the ability to use a burner, but it also opened some security hole in Windows.

Settec provided some updates and an uninstaller: and

Installation of this crap could be easily prevented by using a non-admin user account and autorun/autoplay disabled.


I just remembered that if you rip in full disc dvd9 that it will not be a clone if you cloned after that. I will give this movie a try now to see what is up with it.

There should be no problem with this movie if you are in R-1 as I did this awhile back but forgot which version I used, why don’t you try downloading the latest version which is Beta which is at the top of the forum page, also a burn log would help us see whats going on and make it easier to help you