MPs in UK want DRM limitations to be made clear to consumers

I just posted the article MPs in UK want DRM limitations to be made clear to consumers.

  When it 

comes to most online music download stores, DRM is here to stay, whether consumers like it or not. In the UK, the All Party Parliamentary Internet Group has been looking…

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What can I say, good move. Maybe that will shed some light into dark drm-lemmings’ heads…

Should this not have been done, from the start? How about being up front for once.

Nothing will change as its the same old corrupt politicians. Money rules.:S

Quick note on such matters… Verizon Wireless offers VCAST Music, which is DRM’d WMAs. If you read the pamphlet which is supposed to come with the service, you see that you can make 5 audio CDs, transfer the songs to a phone or DAP up to 3 times, play the songs an unlimited number of times, but the DRM won’t allow copying the song off whatever you’ve put it on to another location. It’s all in the pamphlet (column 2, paragraph 2, last page) but it’s easily missed. What’s stated more boldly but people still miss: you can download the music directly to your phone or you can download it to the computer and do what you will with it as noted above: To computer: 99 cents. To phone: $1.99 – because a copy is made available for download to the computer, which presumes you have one, and as noted you can’t transfer what’s on the phone anywhere else. You can tell how they make their money. :X You will also note that while this seems to draw payments for two copies if you download it to the phone, it only draws one payment if you have it playing on the computer [I]and[/I] the phone [I]and[/I] your DAP [I]and[/I] on five CDs… which goes against what was described in a different article here, about wanting payment for every copy. Odd.

What’s DRM ??? :B It’s never been on ANY file I’VE ever seen or listen to and never will be. !!

At the bottom of the acticle it says it all… She said that DRM was less about protecting copyright and more about creating a system in which people rent rather than own the media they spend money on. “We think people rightly feel that once they buy something, it stays bought,” she said.