Mpg2 or 4 to what? For a dvd to play

:rolleyes: Well the wife said that since I had all but about 50 of her 400 DVDs copied I could (or maybe she said should) start putting her VHS tape onto DVDs. Most of them are kids movies for the grand kids to watch.

I need some thing simple, my mind doesn’t work like it used to, so I decided to get a PX-M402U . Ok it will format to mpg 2 or 4. What do I have to do (put in what format) so that I can burn them to a DVD that will play in her Sony stand alone players ( a 300 disc, a 400 disc and a single disc player)

I would be happy with just doing that, so any info would be great.
Once I can master that, how much trouble would it be to get them to just play the movie only ( no previews) could I just run them through Shrink and do a backup of movie only once they are on my hard drive?

I know that I am not new to CD Freaks but I am new to converting VHS to DVD.

Thanks Guys, make it easy for Grand Pa to understand. :iagree:

It depends on what your standalone can play. If it supports Mpeg 4, then encode to mpeg 4. If you have multiple players that you want to be able to play them on, then encode to mpeg 2.

MPEG2 at 720 x 480, 29.97fps. This is the one and only, official DVD-Video standard.

MPEG4 is great for computer playback, and a handful of DVD players can play back files off a disc, but if you want menus and something that will work without a hitch, this is not what to use.

As for running it through Shrink, it might be useful in the Re-Author mode if you’ve just got an MPEG-2 all ready to go, but you might find yourself wanting a better Authoring program. The thing you bought should have something bundled with it to make this easy.

Oh, and if these are store-bought VHS, you may run into some problems with Macrovision protection, which will prevent you from getting a good recording. With the combination of that and the quality of VHS as it is, you might just be a lot better off getting a subscription to Netflix and ripping those like a madman.

mpeg 2 then use an authoring program such as Tmpgenc dvd Author (or similiar) to create your menus etc. You might need a TBC to stabilize the video.