MPG2 movie length is incorrect



Hi all,

I have a Humax PVR, when I convert the recording using TStoMPEG2 to MPG2 files, the length of the video when played on media player or any other movie player shows incorrect time length. Any fix for this problem, I’ve been searching the internet for a fix but could not find it so far.

Thanks in advance


You have to fix the header structure. Any good videotool/edittool can manage that.


Thanks chef for the reply, can you please recommand one for me.



Maybe you should try with other tools when converting from TS stream to mpeg2.
Like Project X.



Thanks again!

Even ProjectX when converting a video does not give the correct time. However, DVR-Studio does give correct video length. The problem with DVR-Studio is the time it takes to convert a Movie, it will take minimum 20 to 30 minutes where as TStoMPEG2 takes about 2 to 5 minutes.
I’ll give VideoRedo a try thanks.



WooooW! Thank alot . . . . I’ll spend the whole day testing all those tools :slight_smile: