Mpg-to-vob (very basic query)

I stumbled over a marvelous little pci card and
bundled software that has me very curious.
It is the Avermedia DVD EZMaker PCI, and it
is bundled with NeoDVD. What it does is take
a video signal (composite, s-vhs), and the
NeoDVD software encodes it to mpeg-2
on the fly giving you a growing mpg file
far as long as you want (or your harddrive
has space for). After you stop, you can then
ask NeoDVD to create the DVD folder,
(ifo, bup, vob’s), and it does. And the
results look every bit as good as what
a standalone recorder (LITEON 5001) does.

But, I wanted more control of the mpg-vob
process, so I tried to use IFOEDTI, but,
it wouldn’t do it - it wants you to already
have VOB for input.

So. Is there any popular freeware (like IFOEDIT)
that takes really good mpeg-2 as input and
creates the VOB’s, w/o de-coding and re-encoding,
and lets you control the size and maybe some
of the aspects I don’t even know about yet?

Once it is in VOB format, I can use IFOEDIT -
which I have discovered is really easy and
pretty fast.

I read and there are so many “authoring” programs
out there I get lost - which is the most useful one
for taking mpeg-2 (*.mpg) as input and yielding
*.vob as output w/o de-code/encode?


Simple question, simple answer. Try either TMPGEnc DVD Author or DVDLab.

I haven’t downloaded TMP yet, but I did try dvdlab
and a host of other programs and I am totally lost.

DVDlabs doesn’t want to actually do anything…
I want to provide it the name of my mpeg, but,
it wants a video_ts folder, so, I do that and
tell it to insert in the project (whatever that is),
and there is a movie box, but, nowhere do I see
anyplace where I can ask it to intelligently
redo the vob’s with a slightly less bitrate.
I just go around in circles and it never seems
to actually do anything.

I am stumped. I can get either a big *.mpg file,
or, an equivalent video_ts folder with vob’s et al,
(using NeoDVD). The problem is that NeoDVD
uses a bitrate that is about 50% too high, and
all I need to do is downsize either the mpg,
or the vob’s, from about 7-8 mbits/sec to
about 5 mbits/sec, so I can burn the movie
onto a single disc.

Darnit. If NeoDVD wasn’t so stubborn, I could
get it exactly right straight away because it
is very simple and easy to use. Dang.

Help, anyone. Is there another capture program
(like neodvd) that will let me chose the bitrate
so that I can downsize it until it fits?

Or is there a simple and easy to use program
that will take either the mpg (or the vobs),
and downsize the eincoding and wind up
with the video_ts folder that will fit onto
a single disc?

I don’t care about menus, titles, and all that:
All that does is confuse me and delay the
hoped for final product.
I just want the movie onto a single disc
with the maximum bitrate to fit.

I have tried quckbuild, dvdlabs, dvd2one, dvdshrink,
and moviemill. Dvdshrink was able to downsize
the vob’s, but it kept the audio portion undownsized,
and that is where most of the reduction should take
place - no option was offered there, so the huge
reduction in video resulted in a less than quality
video (but the sound is super high frequency).

This is like plodding through mud to figure
out how to get a good dvd folder on my harddrive
that matches what the standalone does.

Of course, like I said, Neodvd would be perfect if
it would only reduce the bitrate for the video
by about 1/3 and reduce the bitrate for the
audio by about half or more. They don’t
answer email, and their website indicates
a no go on that idea.


When you run DVDLab, select Movie Only type authoring from the pop-up box. Right click the bottom left window in Import in your MPG file. Its now in your assets, this need to be dragged to up to the Movie line above. Audio will go in automatically. Change Project properties to PAL or NTSC accordingly if asked. Then comile the DVD. Then use DVD Shrink to reduce the video_ts folder size to DVDR size.

Check out as that can help you with using the program.

ChickenMan, could you please tell me a way to contact you?

I tried to pm you, but i couldnt cause you didnt had space in your inbox.

Thanks in advance,

I have cleared my PM Box. Dont forget to read my Signature, I do NOT respond to Technical questions, they need to be asked in the forum.


I didn’t see any “Movie Only” option, but, I just
right-clicked in the Project Window and selected
“import” to bring in my MPG file. It asked me to
decide about 'remux" or “quick build” and I chose
not to remux (mostly beacuse I don’t know which
I should do, but the mpg file plays good without
any voice sync problems as is, so I guessed I
should leave it alone - right?).

I inserted this mpg file into the
“MOVIE 1” window and it ran through a bunch
of thumbnails, which I suspect were like frame-
points for chapters (is this right?). It finally
settled down and I pulled down the “Project”
tab (from the top toolbar) and selected
“Compile DVD”, but I got the following
error message instantly:

“The Menu “Menu 1” has no buttons and infinity timeout”
“The First Play links to it - this will lockup player”

It flagged it as an error that cannot be ignored.

Question: Is there a way to get DVDLabs to avoid this
error by using some DEFAULT menu template that
will let it go ahead and compilte the vob’s?

Does this mean I have to learn how to create a Menu button
and figure out what “timeout” is? Isn’t there a quick way
to get past this w/o having to get skilled in menu details?

I also would like to get a chapter for every 5 minutes
of movie length - I think I see how to do that, but,
if you can spell it out, thanks.


“Does this mean I have to learn how to create a Menu button
and figure out what “timeout” is? Isn’t there a quick way
to get past this w/o having to get skilled in menu details?”

Arrr… yes, you do actually have to learn a few things yourself :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Visit the DVDLab home site and read the few tutorials they have there, they explain it all, even with pictures.

Somehow I finally managed to get the connection
window to draw the lines so that DVDlabs
would go ahead and compile the DVD from
the mpeg, and it kicked it out immediately
suggesting that the mpg file should be
“demuxed” first. So I did this (took about
half as long as the initial real-time capture),
and inserted the m2v and mpa parts, and
drew the connection lines again (I still don’t
know what I am doing with this), and, FINALLY
it compiled a DVD, but it took about 1/3 as
long as the oiginal mpg capture.


I will always need to feed it into TMPGenc to get
more chapters, and, TMPGenc will NOT accept
the DVD folder created by DVDlabs. TMPGenc
gives the following error:

" A video sequence header is necessary for every GOP
in a stand DVD"
“The video sequence header is incorrect”


I can feed the very same mpg file into NeoDVD
(software that comes witht the $47 AverMedia
DVD EZmaker card), and it creates a DVD folder
that TMPGenc accepts just fine. What gives
with DVDlab?

The reason I wanted to avoid using NeoDVD was
because it takes a long time to create the DVD
folder from the mpg file (about 2/3 the time for
real-time capture). It looks like DVDlabs not only
takes even longer, but, it creates a DVD folder
with an invalid sequence header.

Why is anyone saying that DVDLabs works with
mpg files???

I wonder what DVDlabs is
supposed to do for you?