Mpg to svcd/vcd problem

I have four mpg-files, about 80 to 115MB each, I want to convert to SVCD or VCD. I burned them to a normal cd-r but the cd don´t work in my dvd. All other mpg-files I have works on my dvd so it must be these four mpg-files that are different somehow.
Tried to convert with VCDeasy but it said that the mpg-file seemed to be a .dat-file renamed as a mpg and I should try the cdxa2mpeg. But that only resulted in another error-message:"unknown chunk(avi) encountered (the file is not a mpeg file with RIFF header (dat-file).

Tried then with TMPGEnc but that resulted in yet another error message: can not open or unsupported.

When I play the mpg-files in windows media player the codec for sound is mpeg layer3 decoder and for video microsoft mpeg4 video decompressor

my cd-burners a sony crx100e and I use winoncd but I don´t see what that has to do with my problem since all my other movies work just fine.

any other facts you want, just ask me and I´ll tell you.

please help me, I am so not an expert.

Please run GSPOT and report it findings on these MPG (?) files for video & audio content.

GSPOT from

File length correct
type :OpenDML AVI
I/L1: vid frame (83 ms) Split: Yes

comments metadata
Junk ASCII in junk chunk Virtual dub build 16297
Junk ASCII in junk chunk release

Name:S-Mpeg 4 version 3
Runtime: 00:10:23 (7,473 fr)
x,y 320x240 (1.33:1) [=4:3]
bitrate 953 kb/s
FPS 12.00
QF 1.034 bits/pixel
codec Name: 0x0055(MP3) ID’d as MPEG-2 Layer 3
bitrate 56 kb/s (28/ch, stereo) CBR
fs 22050 Hz

hope it gets you wiser. Maybe theres some more stats I have missed.

As I suspected, your MPG files are in fact DivX avi’s with MP3 sound. These will need to be converted to a proper VCD MPG file before you can. See the AVI to VCD Tutorial for details.

The files have a 4CC header of MP43, on a backup copy of the avi change that to DIVX (you can use FourCC Changer from download section) and try loading into TMPGEnc again.

When trying to install Nero 6 it told me that some of my systemfiles were outdated and asked me if I wanted to update them now otherwise the the installation would abort. Trying to chose yes the warningsign with “the program has commited a forbidden act and will shut down” appears. Tried three times and the same result every time. I got tne nero 6 version from their own website. Any clues to this problem? Can I download some other version that might work?

I would suggest you try Nero ver, also from their web site.

thanksabunch for the help. After installing a couple of codecs the TMPGenc program started to work on the avi.-files that were named mpg. After converting them I burned them onto a cd and they work just fine playing now.