Mpg to DVD to be played in Europe




First a big thank you for all the wonderful help on this site!

Now, I took a .VOB from a DVD (of my wife singing), converted it to MPG2 using VOB2MPG. Then I used MPEG Streamclip to make edits to the video and saved it as a .MPG. I am happy with the resulting quality.

This is going to Europe, so I need to to get this MPG on a DVD that will play succesfully in Europe.

  1. What is a good program (and what format do I use) to get it onto DVD
  2. Do I have to worry about PAL/NTSC or anything like that.

Thanks so much!!!


I believe most PAL equipment can play dvds encoded to NTSC standards, but it may not play well.

To be safe, you can import the mpeg2 file into DVDFlick or FAVC or AVStoDVD and output as a finished dvd using PAL specifications. Just set any of those programs to PAL standards output.
Test on the computer in VLC to make sure it is encoded well.


Thanks so much for the advice, Kerry56. In case anyone else has the same issue, this is how things went:

I decided to start by making an NTSC so testing would be easier.

  1. Tried DVD Flick. This looked good, but the audio was partially missing.

  2. Tried AVStoDVD. DVD looked good again. Audio was there throughout this time, but out of sync by about half a second.

  3. Tried FAVC. Used there default optimization setting for quality. Took a really long time, but the result was wonderful. Made a PAL version which worked in VLC and sent it to a friend in Europe for validation.