Mpg> New Divx 4.0



i am trying to convert a mpg on my comp to the new divx 4.0 codec. One problem i am encounterning is with Virtual Dub i selected the new divx 4.0 codec for video & for audio i selected 128kbps, 44khz,stero (MP3) on full process mode. When i do save avi it goes like it is enocding but all the numbers stay at zero. what am i doing wrong?


Will give it a try and let you know


It’s better to do the audio seperate since (at leat in my case) doing MP3 with VDub will give you major synch problems. Rip the audio with VOB2Audio or DVD2AVI and encode it to MP3 with LAME for the best results. Use VDub to paste the audio and vide back together…



Well after I looked at this post, I tried to convert a mpg file which was 10Mb with the new codec. To my surprise I saw the option of choosing first pass second pass and constant bitrate which was great but most of the options I did not know how to use(this is virtudub). I tried most of the options without any success to convert this clip into an avi. sign I will have to wait for a damn guide.


FYI im am trying to convert a MPG 1 file (a MTV jackass episode) not a MPG 2 (a DVD ripped movie)