MPG movie does not play on DVD player

:confused: I captured a VCR movie (MPG) and safed it in my hard drive and did burn it on a dvd disk. I can play this disk on my computer but it will not play with a DVD player. The player does not recognize the disk, it say insert disk.
What could be the problem?

you didn’t mention exactly how you burned it to a disc. did you author a dvd? or did you just burn the mpeg as data?

Sorry, not replying sooner. I could not find my post.
“You didn’t mention exactly how you burned it to a disc. did you author a dvd? or did you just burn the mpeg as data?”
I just captured the vcr movie and saved in my hard drive as a movie file (MPEG) and did burn it on a dvd, but this dvd will not play in my RCA dvd player.

As already stated, you must author the MPEG2 to proper DVD structure. Otherwise, your player will not recognise it, although some will play raw MPEGs. Evidently yours does not. :wink:

I’d recommend TMPGEnc DVD Author, inexpensive and user friendly. Drop in the MPEG, create menu and set chapter points if desired, hit author. Or do it quick and dirty (free!), no menu, with Rejig.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Pardon me, I forgot Rejig requires elementary streams, which would mean demuxing. If you’re new to authoring, you probably want the simplest possible method. TMPGEnc DVD Author or DVDLab.

Thanks guy’s for the info. I am not familair with all the terms have to learn.

Nero can not burn the MPG movie I saved in my hard drive and make it playable in my dvd player.
(author the MPEG2 to proper DVD structure)?
Please, explain I am new on this, maybe I need to be spoon fed.
I downloaded “TMPGEnc DVD Author”- “Rejig”.
Thank you.

Okay, start up TDA.

Hit “Create New Project”. Then “Add File”, browse to your MPEG, click on it. A new window will appear with clip information.
Click “Chapter Cut Edit”. (Here you can edit, don’t worry about it for now). At this point you can also insert chapters, I recommend that for now you just click “Add” at bottom right and choose the option to automatically add chapters at a selected interval, say, 5 minutes. You can get fancy later. :wink:

Click “Okay” and return to main window; click “Create Menu” at the top. For your first go, just choose no menu from the list right under “Start”. Make sure you see Firstplay action: Play all tracks. Now “Output”, specify where to put the files and make sure “Create DVD Folder” is checked. Ready? Click “Begin Output” and away you go. Shouldn’t take more than a half hour on a reasonably recent machine.

Now you can hit start again and return to the first window. From here TDA can burn your files as well. Do your first one on a rewritable. This will produce a properly authored DVD that will play on your standalone.

Good luck to you. :slight_smile:

[EDIT] Forgot to add, if the folder is too big for a blank DVD5, run it through DVDShrink to compress.

Thanks Fritzi I will follow your instructions, I hope I don’t bungle up.

That’s just a summary for your first try. Here’s a detailed guide:

Try this convertor from MPEG to VOB,

Once the VOB and IFO are ready, you an burn in another program or continue to author.

Software Publisher’s Description

DivxToDVD converts your movie files from a wide range of formats (AVI, XVID, MPEG, and DIVX) to compliant DVD structures (VOB and IFO). You can then burn them with CopyToDVD and watch the movie via a DVD Player.

Fritzi, following your instructions the results did not give a good out come.

My setup;
Video capture device: Conexant 2388x Video capture
Video input format: YUY2
Capture format: mpeg1,mepg2,mpeg4,Avi, DVD(NTSC)

My tools;
TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6

TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6


Movie hard drive Type: MPEG
3 fatal errors which cannot be ignored

Converted with TMPGEnc
Movie hard drive Type: Video clip
1 fatal errors which cannot be ignored

I thought you captured as MPEG? If it’s compliant, the next step is TMPGEnc DVD Author, not TMPGEnc (encoder). I’m missing something here. Is the file a DVD compliant MPEG? Here are the standards:

BTW, it wouldn’t hurt to try Goudo’s suggestion, if VSO DivXtoDVD accepts the file, it will be made compliant and authored as well. No authoring options at all, but playable. If it doesn’t accept it, the file has a problem most likely. It’ll give you a “List out of bounds (0)” error.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Hey Goudo, have you been able to get VSO to accept a VOB? I haven’t. :wink: And PAL/NTSC conversion causes (guess?) sync problems. I’m guessing when they get the bugs out it’ll be payware, it’s not bad at all and pretty quick too.

Fritzi, my capture processor does not provide MPEG.

So it’s an AVI? Try what Goudo suggested. :slight_smile:

hey mate get a hold of nero-visson express…does the job quite well
use the wizard…
create dvd…then add the files…assuming they are mpeg
then go to menu creation screen and burn away…this is the most simplistice mthd